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Trailer Training B+E

Do you know what you can tow?

If you passed your car driving test after the 1st of January 1997 you will probably have been issued a category B driving licence.

This licence allows you to tow a small trailer 750KG behind a car or van up to 3500KG. Or a combination of car and trailer which weighs up to 3500KG provided certain conditions are met. (If you have a 2000kg car and a trailer of 1400kg MAM You’re ok)

Many combinations of towing vehicle and trailer exceed these limits and cannot be driven on a category B driving licence, such as a caravan, horse box or broken down car.

In order to tow a heavy trailer with a car or van you must sit a further practical driving test, there is no theory test required. The BE or B+E driving test follows the same format as the vocational LGV HGV PCV driving tests.

From 15th November 2013

All trailers used for the test will be loaded with 600Kg of ballast so candidates will feel the effect of the heavier weight which will effect braking and speed approaching junctions, and how the the combination behaves in general driving

These tests are carried out at Glasgow, Kilmarnock, or Livingston LGV test centre.

Trailer Training B+E

Training can be conducted: Sat-Sun then test on Monday

Individual training

  • 5 Hrs Training £200*
  • 8 Hrs Training £320*
  • 11 Hrs Training £440*
  • Hourly rate £40 (min 3 hrs)
  • First lesson 1 Hr Assessment £40

Paired Training (2 in a Car)

  • 7 Hrs Training £310*
  • 10 Hrs Training £460*
  • 13 Hrs Training £530*

Paired Training (2 in a Car)

  • Hourly Rate £50 (min 3 hrs)

*Test fee not included

Midweek test £115
Weekend test £141

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