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  • I would personally like to thank the Harley's Training Team. I have never met a better bunch of guys and from day one starting off never sitting/riding a bike to within 10 days of successfully completing a DAS course. The instructors were great and made me feel comfortable from day one; the instructors are very knowledgeable and boosted my self-esteem in being able to handle and ride a bike confidently. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about riding a bike to get in contact with Harley's Rider Training.

    - Steven Ready

  • I called a few riding schools to see who could accommodate my needs the best with regards to time.
    Harley's tailored a package to suit me starting from absolute scratch (CBT right through to my Mod 1&2) all within a week which other schools simply would not do.
    The instructors are there to break you down and sieve out all your bad habits and then build you back up to ride safely and get you through your test.
    Believe me I tried and tested Kenny and came back in the next morning with a fresh head and a better rider.
    Training was progressed and completely tailored to my riding abilities throughout. On test day Jim took us out and coached all the way to the test centre keeping me at ease and definitely lifted the pressure.
    Both of us who went down passed our mod 1&2 within the same day so the results speak for themselves really.
    Thanks again Harley's Rider Training Team for your efforts.

    - Iain Barr

  • Great service from all the guys at Harley's.
    From my CBT with Lindsay through to the guys in the office helping fit lessons in and around my work schedule to Jim on my first lesson and then Kenny for the next few intensive days taking the time to coach me through and being the reason I passed my Mod 1 and Mod 2 on the same day - first time.
    Thank you to every one at Harley's Rider Training.

    - Stevie Weir

  • Just want to say thanks to Harley's Training for getting me through my Mod 1 and Mod 2 which I passed today! All thanks to Kenny, an amazing instructor and a great laugh aswell lol. Met Jim Harley today for the first time also and a cool guy too. Thanks for everything! Highly recommend Harley's.

    - David Jamieson

  • Was being told i was looking at a period of months to book my course and tests, spoke with jim and had everything booked for within a couple of weeks, fantastic training school and excellent instructors. Passed first time, cant give a better review than that!! thanks guys

    - Mr Sean Black

  • I’d like to thank all the team at Harley’s Rider Training! Fun and friendly instructors and made me feel comfortable on the bigger bikes! Cant wait to get myself a bike and out onto the open road! Thanks again guys!

    - Darren Mosson

  • Did my CBT here, cracking course and the guys were very friendly and helpful. Would recommend them to anyone looking to learn how to ride a motorbike.

    - Martin Higgins

  • I would like to thank all of the instructors and other staff at Harley’s for making my training so enjoyable and easy. I trained with Harley’s about 13 years ago when they were based in Springburn and again just recently in East Kilbride, having went through my CBT and full DAS course including my Mod 1 and Mod 2. They made the journey so much fun, but keeping it very informative and ensuring the proper training applied before the banter. I'm almost gutted that I've passed my full DAS as I enjoyed the experience so much, and I might begin looking at the advance courses as well. I simply can not recommend this lot enough.

    - David James McErlane

  • I trained and passed full access with Harley's recently.
    I’d highly recommend training here.
    Superb response to messages, highly organised and helpful.
    All I had to do was turn up...
    Theory, training, mod1 and mod2 all booked by the team, superb organisation.
    From never riding a bike in my puff, to passing in a month.
    Amazing instruction and top class instructors.
    Felt welcome and treated fairly throughout training and tests.
    Get tae Harley's.
    Ride safe 👌
    Massive thanks to Kenny and Jim.
    Cheers guys.

    - Jim Peddie

  • Chose Harley’s over other schools based on their friendly service and actually showing interested when I called to inquire about training, which other schools did not.
    Ben was my instructor today, he is friendly and really puts any nerves you have at ease, have booked another lesson in. I would highly recommend for all your biking lesson needs.

    - Matt Frost

  • I began my love affair with vehicles of the 2 wheel variety with Harley's and it was a fantastic experience from my free lesson right through to passing my DAS and advanced test (I still don't know how I managed that one!)
    Jim and his team are second to none, you won't find better.

    - Rab Simpson

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